Get parameter, that name equals string

Hollo! I have another problem - I create the shortcode, that make range of array

{{ range $.Page.Params.howItWorksLeft}}
<div class="step-element">
  <img src="/images/{{ .icon }}" alt="">
  <p>{{ .text | markdownify }}</p>
{{ end }}

But I need to range not only howItWorksLeft, and it must work like this:
{{% features/column array=“howItWorksLeft” %}}
{{% features/column array=“howItWorksRight” %}}
{{% features/column array=“anotherArrayName” %}}
How I can do this?

Did you try

{{ range .Get "array" }} 


{{ $array := .Get "array") }}
{{ range $array }} 


You could also use it without attribute name, like:

{{% features/column $anotherArrayName %}}

and then use:

{{ range .Get 0 }}

(0 being the first unnamed parameter, 1 the second and so one.)

Read on:

Yes, I did. But I have:
execute of template failed: template: shortcodes/features/column.html:2:9: executing “shortcodes/features/column.html” at <$array>: range can’t iterate over howItWorksLeft

Here is array in frontmatter


  • icon: ‘1_aahi.png’
    text: teeeext teeext
  • icon: ‘2_aahi.png’
    text: teeext teext
  • icon: ‘3_aahi.png’
    text: teeext teext