How to optimize SEO of posts

I recently moved my blog from WordPress to Hugo but found it challenging to optimize posts meta for SEO. It was easy on WP. We have Yoast, The SEO Framework, etc. but there is no such a tool for JAMstack powered blogs, Hugo included. This is why I created a simple free online tool to help with that process.

Because we want to optimize posts before publishing we need to copy and paste the content into related fields, and copy & paste it back after tuning.

It’s a simple tool, but it will help you:

  • optimize your post title and description length to fit perfectly in Google SERP pages
  • optimize keywords saturation for every provided keyword in title, description, and post content
  • verify post readability based on The Flesch Reading Ease Readability Formula
  • keep track of post length
  • see the live report as you make amendments to the content

I just launched first version on Product Hunt, if you like it, please give it some love

Feel free to suggest other features that will help with usability and SEO optimization.


This looks great, have a quick question, how are you calculating this? Google language API?

Thanks @i732 all the calculations are done on client site just in plain Javascript. It’s actually React undercovers but so far no API is involved.

That’s awesome, is there a library that calculates the readability of the sentences?

Good question, I don’t know any, but maybe there is something. I just implemented something based on The Flesch Reading Ease Readability Formula which looks pretty straightforward.

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