How to make Blog page as landing page

I’m using the tale theme GitHub - EmielH/tale-hugo: A port of the Tale theme for Hugo. Tale is a minimal theme curated for storytellers.
When I visit my site, I can see all my written articles. But I want to display my landing page to display and blogs as different pages say mysite[dot]com/blog. But when I visit mysite[dot]com , I should see my landing page. Thank you!

I recommend you check video tutorials from Mike dane and specially this video

what you seeing on the homepage is coming from the theme tale-hugo/layouts/index.html

You can change this to create a custom homepage design according to your preference.


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Hey, Thank you for the reply.
Yes, I always knew that I can create a new home page this way. But the question remains in how /blog should be arranged. Should I move it to /content/blog or how it should be?

to understand content organisation I suggest you read content organisation section in hugo docs.

yes you are right you can do that just remember this, the folder structure will translate to the /

folder structure
content /
content/blog /blog/
content/products /products/

I do suggest you take time to learn the Hugo basics. To learn more about how to organise blog in content folder please check Section Page Templates | Hugo and if you prefer video tutorial check Section Templates | Hugo | Mike Dane


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