How to make a specific layout for amp?

I’am making my own template and i’am looking for a tutorial to generate a custom output.

I would like to have in my theme layout folder an amp folder to generate amp page in public / amp .

How to do that ? Is there a good tutorial somewhere ?


Maybe this Link?
4 Themes made with amp.

Hugo Themes Amp

Hope this helps

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Ok i am looking how to do so i can output the amp folder theme in public/amp


The proper way to achieve this is to use the built-in AMP Output Format provided by Hugo which by default create the AMP file next to the page’s HTML file.

Now as I understand it, you need your AMP file path to be relative to your content/ directory. So your question is, how can I make this AMP file live outside the path of my page.

According to the doc on the matter, the option path defines the sub-path where the output file is gonna live. I assume sub path of the page itself.

So I am not sure there is a way at the moment to achieve what you want. I would suggest you rename this thread to (or create a new one named) :
Defining Ouput Format path relative to content/ rather than page’s sub-path