How to maintain case sensitivity from frontmatter

I need to maintain case sensitivity for data that I am trying to store in a documents front matter, but when Hugo processes the front matter it lowercases everything. According to this post it’s the expected behavior.

The comment from @bep goes on to say that you should not store data in front matter, which I’m not sure why that decision was made for us, but it was made by people smarter than myself. However, I don’t have much recourse, I need to store data in there. I can explain why if anyone really needs to know, but I will try to keep this post to the point.

I attempted to see if I could drop some JSON in and retrieve it with the case intact, but that doesn’t appear to work either:

  testparam: {
    "description": "",
    "requestBody": {
      "content": "",
      schema: {}

Everything in the json object has been lowercased upon retrieval as well. So… without using /data, is there any way to store and retrieve parameter case from front matter?