Displaying content front matter on homepage?

I have searched and founds some posts saying it’s ot possible to display content front matter on the homepage but I wanted to clarify this and ask if there are any workarounds?

My content is quotes from various authors, and the authors’ names are declared in front matter. I was hoping to show the author name on the homepage with the latest quotes/posts. Could data files be a workaround?

No need for a workaround – this is core Hugo functionality. Lots of examples around.

Yes, I would use data files for that.

Thanks @bep and @moorereason.

I managed to get it working and it was my error — I was declaring the content front matter in camelCase and calling it in in camelCase, but it seems to need to be called in all lowercase.

I’m still learning Hugo and love it. What benefits would the data file approach provide @moorereason?

It depends on what you’re trying to do and how you want to manage the content. I prefer to work with data files unless the data is truly metadata attached to each content item.