How to integrate a theme's assets to a pipeline?

I (will) have a Hugo project that uses a theme as submodule. The theme uses Bootstrap. I want to customize Bootstrap sass variables for the project.
How can I achieve this?

Bootstrap says I have to customize the variables and then import Bootstrap:

$enable-transitions: false;

@import "bootstrap";
  • Can I simply @import the theme’s scss (that itself customizes and imports Bootstrap) from project/themes/theme-name/assets to my project scss in project/assets, to customize it again (as per Bootstrap’s instructions) and integrate it to my Hugo pipeline?
  • How can I import the theme’s JS to the project’s Hugo pipeline, as there is no real equivalent in JS to an scss @import as far as I know?

I’d be glad if you have any thoughts on this!

As to the SCSS, you can override vars by putting a file similar to this with the same project-relative path: