Assets bootstrap javascript

I’m relatively new to Hugo and to web development in general.
This question is more about Bootstrap than about Hugo, that’s why I posted in “uncategorized”.

I’ve added bootstrap (source) to my assets folder:

└─── /bootstrap/
    ├─── /js/
    │   └─── /tools/
    └─── /scss/
        ├─── /mixins/
        ├─── /utilities/
        └─── /vendor/

I’ve managed to pipe SCSS to CSS with:

{{ $options := (dict "targetPath" "css/style.css" "outputStyle" "compressed") }}
{{ $style := resources.Get "main.scss" | resources.ToCSS $options }}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $style.RelPermalink }}">

But what about the Javascript part of Bootstrap? These are also many files.
How do I pipe them? Or do I even have to? Would it be better to just include the bootstrap.js in the static folder?

I don’t plan to customize the Javascript code, but I want to include only the parts of it that I really need. To keep the final file as small as possible.

Am I right that I need to include jQuery.js and Popper.js independently?
It is not included in the Bootstrap Javascript files already, right?