How to have multiple list pages for different sections

I have two sections “books” and “movies” under content which I dont have (not sure if I need it). I need the list page to list all different movies and books. I couldn’t find a way in hugo to have two separate list pages only one under layout/_default.html.

I have my homepage take me either to /books or /movies and each renders the same list page (the default). I’m having problem accessing taxonomies of my current section. I can only access books taxonomies. When my URL is /movies, I can only see books taxonomies.

Is there a way to organize my folders so I can have two separate list pages or one list page with both sections contents?

Sections and taxonomies are different from each other. So you decide if you want books and movies to be sections or taxonomies. I’d recommend sections by default, but maybe you are using them as categories or something.

When you go to, should that list a single book page, or a list of pages talking about the book?

If you’d like to look up this subject online, it is sometimes called “information architecture”, and you’ll find resources that explore more. :slight_smile:

I have been actually using taxonomies. I want to show me the list of books and to show the single page for that book. I also want another list to show movies. It looks like I can only have one list template which is _default but when I’m there I can only access books not movies’ content.

|------- Books 
|              |
|             | --------- book-1
|             | --------- book-2
| ------ Movies 
|            |
|            | ------- movie-1
|            | ------- movie-2

each of book-1, book-2, movie-1, and movie-2 is .md file that has specific properties that I need to access from my list page.

We can’t see your code and I may not fully understand your question, but here’s what I know:
If your layout dir looks like this:

|      |--- list.html   
|      |--- list.html   

Then your books landing page ( should use the books/list.html template. Same goes for movies.

This is how I manage templates variations for my sections or types.

For more help, we’d need a repo.

So I don’t need layout/_default/list.html? that what confused me, I thought we must have this setup. I’ll try it doing what you suggest and let you know.

Well, kinda. Hugo would use the layout/_default/list.html for every listing pages not involving books or movies.

You can also have your layout/_default/list.html page process section content from Movies differently than Books. If you want.

Awesome I got it working

So you mean to have like this,


in this site about, repertoire, etc and 4 more list pages I have to create, bcoz the design will be different for each page like about, repertoire. can I do like this and use different block templates under list.html for each and call them under baseof.html?

Content files,


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