How to have a Multiple Columns easly using Markdown

How to have a Multiple Columns easly using Markdown. But not connected with each other, like this? :


I believe you will need to use shortcodes to make that happen.

yes. but how?


A quick search gives two links :

For the second one you need to check the repo to find the code.

Using the Learn These this examples didn’t work. I think I need to change the theme. Unlucky. Doesn’t display anything, or writes them on different lines, ignoring the shortcode.

Here is a shortcode supporting two columns, taken from the BeautifulHugo theme

You can install it through this shortcode collection or use the following files in the folder layouts/shortcodes/:

  • columns
  • column
  • endcolumns
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@iaeiou what font you use? here:

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