Create a two column page

I need to create a two column page. One column in one language and the translation in another. After some hours of testing, I can achieve this with markdown tables, bu I have to add an attribute after each paragraph that contains a class that removes the table’s borders. Is there a more efficient way to achieve this? I would like to stick to markdown otherwise I would have converted the markdown files to HTML.

You can do this using shortcodes like the geekdocs theme does: Columns | Geekdocs.

Shortcode: hugo-geekdoc/columns.html at main · thegeeklab/hugo-geekdoc · GitHub

The columns are then made responsive using CSS flex.

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I will check this out. I have a special use case where each sentence needs to be on its own line which I can retain my own format mentioned above. But I will adapt your solution for other cases.

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