How to group taxonomy terms for display?

For my upcoming page I’m using a taxonomy called topics to group my content into different fields. Topics could for example be game development, HTML5 etc. These topics shall be displayed on the footer of my page in order to easily access them from every page the visitor could be on. I’m imagining a layout like this:

Although the terms are writte in german, it’s easily understandable what I want. Basically the dark gray terms are the “category header” while the lighter gray terms belong to this group. Both headings and the child elements are prefixed with /specials/ so in terms of hugo they would belong to the same taxonomy called specials. How can I achieve such a layout? I could prepare the layout by hand but I would have to do a different layout for each language version of the site so I would prefer to achieve this with template functions so it automatically builds itself when more terms are added.

I hope you can follow me and I’m looking forward to your tips. Thanks in advance

Have you done any theming in Hugo? If not, check out the docs, specifically taxonomy templates.

I am in the process of creating my own theme so I’m constantly searching the documentation for things I need to know. However I think you maybe have misunderstood me. All terms displayed in the pictures are taxonomy items, not taxonomy terms and content pages.
Let’s take this taxonomy item collection for taxonomy term specials: Software development, Web development, HTML5, DIY, Arduino, Mobile, Sony, .NET, Microsoft. They have all in common that they’re belonging to the same taxonomy without any distinction in heading and item. For display purposes, I now want to transform this list to the view seen in the picture. Software development, Web development and DIY would be the “headings” while the other terms would be grouped below them. It would be preferred to achieve this while keeping the amount of manual work as low as possible.

Should that not be possible, then I probably need to find another solution or I will omit this feature as it is only a nice to have in terms of content and functionality but not really required.

Are those terms under the “headings” linked to individual pages (content) or is each of the headings a taxonomy and all the terms underneath link to pages that show a list of pages that have been tagged with that term?
Source code would definitely help if you don’t mind sharing, please :smile:

This is springing to mind:

Sorry, I don’t have any code to share as I don’t have any implementation yet, that’s why I’m asking. All things displayed in the pictures are terms belonging to the specials taxonomy. On click on any of those terms (regardless if formatted as heading or not) leads to a list page where each piece of content is listed tagged with this term. If I had to display single content pieces, then it would be much easier to achieve.
I would probably need nested taxonomies which are - as far as I can see - currently not possible with hugo, at least not probably in that way needed to get the desired result.