How To Dynamically Use Google Fonts In A Hugo Website [config.toml]

How to abstract out the Fonts one uses from Google or from Adobe.

Hello, I wrote an article on something I thought the community could use.

There are a lot of brilliant people here, and I’m sure my tiny contribution doesn’t mean much, but here it is for what it’s worth. I hope to be able to give back more than the community has given me.

I am a new author and learning how to blog and write, and would appreciate any kind of advice you can give so that I can make my writing better so that it can help more people to use Hugo.

Thank you for your time. :slightly_smiling:

P.S. I also wrote another article regarding Hugo:

I added them to the press section in the Hugo docs:

Oh wow. Thank you very much. I shall be sure to write more as I discover more. Cheers!

Thx Hash_Borgir,
that makes things easier.

Just one note:
{{ partial "google_fonts.html" }}

You forget the “dot”

{{ partial "google_fonts.html" . }}

Nice WE

Thanks for the correction. Much appreciated. There are other errors which need correction also. Thank you.

Corrections have been made. Thank you! :slightly_smiling:

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