How to distribute text evenly between margin and add blank line?

Hi, I am using the Hugo Academic Theme.

I am wondering how to distribute text evenly between margin (’‘justify alignment’’) and add blank lines.

I know I can put `//’ to add blank lines, but I am not sure for the Hugo Academic Theme.

Does anybody know? Here is my code and what my webpage looks like.


Here is the code. I naively put a lot of space between two paragraphs to add blank lines, but it doesn’t work.


My github

You are looking for elements in CSS to change. These forums are not for general web development help, so you’ll need to search elsewhere for information on learning CSS. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot! greatly appreciate it!

As @maiki said, it is a css challenge. This site is a good resource for typography info / tips / styles.

Regarding something you can control with Hugo, you can control aspects of your typography a bit, using blackfriday settings in your config.toml:

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Thank you! I will try this.

With markdown, some formats have spacing, such as after headers # or lists *. If you need to force a newline, a double space either at the end of the text on a line or, as a line, seems to work for a lot of markdown processors. If § is a space:

Some text§§
More text§§
Separated text§§