How to display all of keys in taxonomies and each terms?


  tag = "tags"
  series = "series"
  author = "authors"
  language = "languages"

I want to make a kind of dashboard who can see all pieces of articles.
this is the page of dashboard what I want

                     <h1>Dash board</h1>
  kevin(2), susan(5)
  for beginner(24), for expert(7)
  English(14), Korean(9), French(3) 
  mom(5), dad(6), friend(4)

I like to add a view to show all keys in taxonomies and each terms of it. But I don’t know what URL is gonna make?

taxonomies needs terms like tags, series, etc (domain/tags, domain/series)
But I’d like to show all taxonomies and terms.

Should I use content view? i have no idea about this.

@the1900 - quick first step is to change this category to “support” so that people in the community can take a look and provide some feedback.

Is your goal to make all taxonomies listed on just one page? Please point me to a repo and I’ll see if I can help…

And this is what I think you’re looking for:

{{range $taxonomy, $terms := .Site.Taxonomies }}
  {{range $key,$value := $terms.ByCount}}
    <li>{{$value.Name}}: {{$value.Count}}</li>

Of course, change the semantics/markup per your needs.

Thanks for comment. Well I already knew Go templates for display what I want.

The thing is How to make a link for the page in index.html?

If I wanted to display one taxonomy witch in tag, langugage, series then just make link like domain/tags, domain/language and display terms in one taxonomy just domain/tag/mom to display articles are given tag “mom”

But in my case I want to show all taxonomies and terms listed on just one page then I don’t know how to make a link for this.

Did you try adding the above code to the page you’re mentioning? What I gave you will give you “all taxonomies and terms listed on just one page”…

@rdwatters Yeah you are right. But I guess you still misunderstand.

You see, when we browse the index.html(homepage in hugo). I’d like to display only few links and the list of all contents.

If I just used that code. Then all taxonomies and terms on Index.html. But I want to make the specific one page witch I called “dashboard” for display all taxonomies and terms not in homepage. Now how to make the link to dashboard on Index.html?