How to deal with --renderSegments on Netlify?

Hi there,

cross-posting this here: How to deploy only a subset of pages and keep others from previous deployment? - Support - Netlify Support Forums

Does anyone know how to properly use –renderSegments on Netlify to keep build & deploy times as fast as possible?

My use case:

  • Segment contains ~500 pages that editors can update via CMS
  • 200k+ products, categories, etc. from an API endpoint that only changes twice a year.

Any help is greatly appreciated :pray:


So, I would love for someone to chime in with a more conventional way of doing this, and I haven’t tested this myself … but

  • I believe Netlify requires a “full site” built before the deploy/push the content.
  • They’re however smart about only pushing content that’s changed (by comparing hashes, I presume)
  • Also, they’re pretty generous about their build cache.

So, what should in theory work would be

  • Do a first time full build and copy public to somewhere below /opt/build/cache
  • On the segment build 1) Restore from cache 2) build segment.