Copy to json-file on deploy (Netlify)

Hi guys,

Realizing it’s a bit off base for where I posted this before (in the big Search Implementation thread) I decided to try my luck here. Thraxil mentions copying content from an html-file to a .json file on deploy in this thread does anyone know how this can be achieved (I’m using Netlify for automatic deploys)?


@samrich I might be able to help you, but the “deploying to netlify” is my hang up because I haven’t ready their dev docs. If you’re looking for a bash script to help your efforts or some templating to create the index, I can probably help.

Can you expand on what you see as the bottleneck? Are you using GH for your source? If so, mind pointing me in the direction of your repo?

Thanks @rdwatters I got it all up and running! Still haven’t figured out the copy script but I think I’ll nail it with some furious trial and error :slight_smile:

@samrich Just curious as to whether you’ve got this up and running. I’m currently using Netlify as well. It’s pretty amazing. Let me know if you need a hand…

Hey @rdwatters I’m just getting back to Hugo after another project so I don’t quite remember (even had to look at what the json-file was used for hehe). I think I got it working perfectly, otherwise I know who to ask :wink: