How to create paginator pages


I have the paginator working but it generates urls such as /page/2, which doesn’t exist. Is there a specific way I need to create these pages? They’re also the wrong urls. The site is hosted under /blog/ and the other links are fine but the paginator creates /page/2 instead of /blog/page/2, although the actual page isn’t created.



aha so PaginatePath solves the /blog/ problem but I’m not sure whether paginator is meant to create /blog/page/2 or I do?

getting there. Some grepping found the next page at public/blog/2 (due to PaginatePath being blog) but when I try to open it, I get a 404, even though it exists. Hugo puts it in public/blog, which combines with baseurl to give /blog/blog/2 and the previous paginator link ignores PaginatePath and baseurl so it gives a url of /. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get the paginator working with a subfolder, i.e.

and thank you for listening, typing out thoughts has solved the issue! I’m migrating from octopress which takes care of the equivalent of baseurl automatically. Just means I have to hard code baseurl in the templates to get it to work in a subfolder

Maybe related to this issue: