How to create an alternative list page layout


After reading this post on a SEO check list, made me think about admin and backend pages which ā€˜iā€™ / admin would see. (I dont want a full backend CMS otherwise I probably should have stuck with a CMS :slight_smile:

This what the SEO project author imagines the SEO page looks like:

So ā€¦ can I create an alternative list page which has its own url like localhost:1313/seo

I initially tried copying my theme/layouts/_default/list.html to theme/layouts/seo/list.html - because what i want is list layout with the range of my main content ā€¦ but that just results in a 404

any ideas please?


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The clue here, I think, is that Hugo (almost always) requires an URL to be backed by a content page. So layouts/seo/list.html tells Hugo to apply that template to every list page in the seo section.

You can start out by creating a content file in content/seo/


Hi @bep

thanks for the hint - I managed to get it going and it does a number of content / quality checks at a glance - by going to a backend page.

I might try to see if i can work this into a theme component


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