How to bullet points ithrough a .yaml file?

Hi. I’m adding text to the portfolio/services section of my website and have to edit the services.yaml file given in the theme for the same. This is what a portion of it looks like

enabled: true
id: "services"

  title: "Services We Offer"
  text: "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nec quam nibh elit pellentesque velit netus suspendisse. Sed enim, pretium, montes, in ut dolor urna."
    - image: "images/4.png"
      title: "Technical"
      text:  "
*   bullet 1
*   bullet 2
*   bullet 3" 
        label: "Learn more"
        url: "#"```

But the bullet points won't show. It all is clustered together. How do I display the bullet points?

You are going to have to provide more info than that. Link to your repo or site at least.

Thank you @nternetinspired. This is the site template I’m using Up Business Theme

Your YAML file is a YAML file, you can`t put bullet points like that. Part 1: here a correction for your file:

        bullet 1
        bullet 2
        bullet 3

Part 2: you have to adapt your layout for display these datas into a list (<ul><li>bullet 1</li></ul>, etc.).

Another solution would be to put a list in a YAML file (as below) but I don’t recommend that (and I haven’t tested it in a Hugo environment):

      text: |-
        - bullet 1
        - bullet 2
        - bullet 3