How to better master Hugo's templating?

I’m looking for advice on how to better master on templating with Hugo. I’m not a programmer at all, I have few skills on how Hugo works (configuration, create templates, adapt themes, etc.), but not very advanced. My goal is to better understand the Hugo (go) templating, to be able to create whatever I want. So I guess I have to learn how to code. I sometimes read simple Python code, and I’m able to write some very simple lines (loops, functions). Where I can start from (almost) scratch? Is it relevant to learn Go? Doing more Python first? Thanks for the advice!

Both is not required. I learn the most when I want to solve a specific problem. Just going “to learn” without a clear purpose doesn’t work for me. Ymmv, of course.

same here. the site was only usable when I had specific issues and syntax problems. A few times I just looked in the list of functions methods or features and found things to apply, but very, very rarely. Nothing better than the need-to-know basis.

Just set yourself some goals, and read on how to achieve it !

I would recommend the book Hugo in action, and there is a collection of resources about Hugo somewhere on this forum (but I can’t find it right now)

Thank you all for your advices, I will just keep solving practical problems and read this forum :slight_smile:
@iaeiou I have checked Hugo in Action and there are several tips I can pick up!

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