How to approach two-level tags?

As I am building my blog, I see that there will be three or four major categories of topics.

I could group them in a category, but their tags will be “standalone”, i.e. lot attached to the category.

Is there a way to make it so that tags go and python belong to the category dev, and integrals and suites belong to math?

I have some vague ideas to go for tags such as dev:go and process them on the fly but maybe there is a better approach?

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The “category” and “tags” are the default example taxonomies. You can create as many taxonomies as you like.

Sorry if I was not clear: what I would like to have is a hierarchical set of tags - several top-level ones, and then each would have its own tags.

I was wondering whether such structure is directly available through Hugo, or if I should look at coding this myself.

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