How to apply css to overwrite current one ? hugo-mod-bootstrap-scss

let’ say we use GitHub - gohugoio/hugo-mod-bootstrap-scss: Packages Bootstrap SCSS (v4 and v5) as a Hugo Module as mod in our hugo project, how can we locate css file for the <div class="container mt-5"> ? would like to add some modifications to container mt-5. Thank you.

Inspect by the module by vendoring it:

hugo mod vendor

This places a copy of the module in the _vendor directory in the root of your project. Then place a copy of the file in the same path relative to the root of your project, change as needed, and delete the _vendor directory when you’re done.

since go.mod has

require ( v0.6.2 // indirect
and editting _vendor file after

hugo mod vendor


hugo server

, doesn’t effect anything.
Anyway to point hugo/golang using local _vendor/icons ? Thank you.

I don’t know what that means. What is the full path to the file you are editing?

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