How to add more buttons under the publications see the example in the post

Please see the snapshot below. There already exist PDF, Cite, and DOI. I wanted to add more “buttons” such as this paper is highly cited in the web of science. I wanted to create a new “button” called “Web of Science Highly Cited Paper” without any link attached to it.

I am using the Hugo Academic theme. You can find my repo here.

Any ideas?

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Please please please post your repo and refer to the theme you are using.

I would attempt to mark pages as “highly cited papers” by adding some frontmatter and then check if that frontmatter is set and add a label.

For usability reasons I would not mix buttons (links that do something when you click it) with labels (markers that do nothing when clicked). Find another way to present those.

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Thank you so much for your help. I edited the original post and posted my repo.

I just started to use Git and apologize for any inconvenience. Could you give me some hints on how to add such a label in the frontmatter.

I was able to add a customized link in the frontmatter of the publication. Such as

- name: Web of Science Highly Cited Paper
  url: ''

And I finally got your concern that do not mix labels and links. I couldn’t figure out how to add a label in the frontmatter.

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