How to add education detail


I want to add some details in education column like GPA.
In the content\authors\, I wrote
- course: engineering degree
institution: Ecole Polytechnique
year: 2017-2020

I want to add GPA after year
Does anyone knows how to add other properties?

Please follow the advice at Requesting Help.

I’ve done research and dug into the doc, but I didn’t find anything.
I think you mean that I should add a link to my code? If it is,this is the link:

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The Academic theme was created by @neutreno. It has a dedicated issue queue and community chat.

To show your GPA, you have to find where it is rendered in the theme templates, and add the GPA code there. Then, you might ensure your author profile is formatted correctly; YAML has specific rules on indentation and nested lists.