How to add a new theme to hugoThemes repo

I would like to add my theme to the hugoThemes repository. So far I should fulfill all requirements (screenshots, config file varaibles etc). As last step I need to make a pull request that adds submodule.
To be honest, I never used submodules before and read a few tutorials about how to use them.

With that in mind I would like to ask, if the steps described below would work that way. A nice addition to the docs would be a small section about exactly this topic with a few commands and explinations.

  1. I’ve forked the repo
  2. I would create a new branch called hugo-freelancer-theme
  3. I’m on the master branch of my cloned hugoThemes repo
  4. I add the submodule with git submodule add -f .
  5. I commit the new submodule with git commit -m"Added hugo-freelancer-theme as submodule"
  6. I Make a pull request.
  7. The theme will hopefully be merged.

By the way, who adds the screenshots to the docs? Is this done by a script that grabs the screenshots and the theme name?

As I am the one doing much of the admin on that repo I’ll admit that the current procedure is a little bit more complex than needed – as all that is needed is the link to the Git repo. So an issue would be better than a pull request (as I kind of throw away the Pull request anyway).

I will make a note about updating the README about this.

If you want to do it simple, just create a regular issue on that site with the text: “Please add”"

The README with its image gets updated by a script, so no worries there.

That would be the easiest way.