A question about adding a theme

I’m new to Hugo, I’m sorry if I miss something.
In “Get Started ->Quick Start -> Step3 :add a theme”:

cd quickstart;\
git init;\
git submodule add URL_TO_THEME themes/ananke;

But in “Themes ->Install and Use Themes -> Install a Single Theme”:

cd theme
git clone URL_TO_THEME

I’m confused about the difference between the two methods.

The main difference between the sets of commands is that the first command makes the theme a submodule whereas the second command clones (think downloads) the theme.

Submodules link your site and the theme’s repository. The submodule becomes a dependency to your project, so when you push to a remote git repository (e.g. GitHub) the theme’s files aren’t in your repository, rather a link to the theme’s repository is. According to the documentation if you’re using Netlify to host your site, you need to use submodules with themes.

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Thx!Helps a lot!