How to add a medium blog to your Hugo site?


I know this might seem odd because Hugo itself is meant for blogging. I would like to use Hugo for my company site but I really want to have Medium posts as the blog instead. How can I go about doing this in any way?

I’m thinking either:

  1. Importing the medium posts using something like Kimono. I still don’t know exactly how so I would need a few more steps on this.
  2. Having a page with a list of links that go to the medium posts themselves?

Ideally I would like to have everything in the same domain and not have to go to the medium site itself.

Sorry if this is unclear. I hope I articulated it decently. I’d be grateful for any help.

Perhaps you can look into using markdown with Medium (a quick Google search shows several results). My reasoning is that writing a post in markdown, and then publishing it on the Hugo website and on Medium is the easiest approach.

(At least, I assume you want to re-purpose your content to and your own Hugo site.)

I don’t know of a tool that can download a Medium blog and turn it into markdown (although there’s a tool named medium to markdown).

If you want to actually embed your Medium blog, you could just use an iFrame. Although that might look a bit weird, with the Medium branding still visible.

For a page with a list of links, you could work with Medium’s RSS feed of your blog.

I am very interested in this too. I would like Medium to be my primary blogging platform (because of the interface and the audience) but I would like to be able to show a preview of my blog posts on my Hugo site.

@LadySith did you find a good working solution?

Maybe you could use something like this:

To save your Medium posts as JSON files under /data/ and then render them with getJSON


Do it on the Front End with something like this: