Help with img sources from medium-2-md export?

Hello :wave:

My markdown generated from medium-2-md is something like
which is getting rendered as
<a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="img%5c1__M__imI0dzpmijP__4__zKE9YQ.jpeg"><img src="img%5c1__M__imI0dzpmijP__4__zKE9YQ.jpeg" alt/></a>

I’m looking for help not only in understanding how hugo is transforming these sources, but maybe I’m missing something all together on the best way to import articles from medium. For example, even if I fix this, each URL is still not pointing to the right path. So I would appreciate any general guidance.


the "\" works as escape character, replace it with "/"

I’m on windows, this works for me.

Seems to be a medium-2-md problem, then. It saves every img locally with a windows slash and that doesn’t work with hugo. Dos anyone know of a better workflow to convert from a medium blog to hugo? Because I can probably fix this by running inside WSL, but the URLs are still wrong.

search for hook in the docs.

there are 2 templates render-link and render-image where you could implement an replace function.
Samples can be found here.