How to access taxonomy term custom metadata in list.html

I have a list.html template for a taxonomy (listing all posts that use that particular taxonomy term). How can I access the custom metadata for that particular taxonomy term, that I defined in the front matter of /taxonomy/term/

I can access those values just fine via {{ .Params.param_name }} in terms.html.html (template that lists all the terms) when I loop theough the term pages, but not in the list.html. Are these not using the same page object?

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Okay, my problem went away after I did some other things. Not sure if the issue was because previously my taxonomy terms had some non-ascii characters? Some of the terms were in Japanese, etc. One of the changes I did was to make the term itself an ascii-only ID string (with the actual string being in the frontmatter of the term’s and it seems after that I can access the .Params now