What term.html can that list.html cannot?

I’m having a little adventure with taxonomy listings. First, if I define a taxonomy.html, I have also to define term.html, because page lookup doesn’t fall through to list.html - it gets stuck at taxonomy.html. Now I have to copy list.html to term.html and maintain essentially one file for the price of two.

This brings me to the question:
What term.html can that list.html cannot?

I have been diligently reading the documentation for the past hour or so, and I’m really stuck with the terminology.

If you use layouts/_default/terms.html to display the terms within a given taxonomy, layouts/_default/list.html will be used when displaying pages related to a particular term (assuming you have not created an override for that as well).

EDIT: Remember to delete layouts/_default/taxonomy.html when you test this.

Thanks, Joe, but that’s not what I’ve asked about. Let me rephrase:

Are there any extra variables, that are available from term.html, that are not available in list.html?

Update: sorry, overlooked it’s “termS”

The variables and methods exposed to a template are determined by the context in which a template is used, not by the template’s file name.

@bep Please confirm.

The answer is: Nothing.

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