How to access an array at an index

Is there a way to access an array at a certain index, to retrieve that value.

i.e. something along the lines of


with 4 being an $index variable within a range loop.

Thanks in advance

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{{ index $array 4 }}

btw, check out Go documentation:

	Returns the result of indexing its first argument by the
	following arguments. Thus "index x 1 2 3" is, in Go syntax,
	x[1][2][3]. Each indexed item must be a map, slice, or array.
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what if it’s an associative array and having got the index i want the value of a property?
eg. $array[4].title

Assuming the field must be exported (capitalized).

{{ (index $array 4).Title }}

Is there a reason why

{{ (index $paginator.Pagers 1).URL }}

works but

{{ (index $paginator.Pagers 2).URL }}

throws a stack trace from inside hugolib? I’m pretty sure the list I am testing with is more than 3 pages long …

@moorereason has given good solution but I also tried this

Store in a variable

{{ $myarray := index $array 4 }}

and then use it