How "!important" can be replace in bootstrap for AMP

I’m using bootstrap scss and I want to prepare a css for AMP page.
Unfortunately bootstrap has 1000 “!important” and I want to get rid of them.
Is there a way to replace some string in pipeline.

I was thinking that this is correct:

{{ $grid := resources.Get "scss/grid/grid.scss" }}
{{ $gridCSS := $grid | resources.ToCSS | resources.Minify }}
{{ $gridCSSAmp := replace $gridCSS.Content "!important" "" }}

unfortunately is not :frowning:

I think you most likely need to read the “Theming” section of the Bootstrap documentation. There shouldn’t be need to edit the source files in such way.

Unfortunately there is no option to compile bootstrap without “!important”, but lucky me Hugo is able to do this:

{{ $rebootCSSAmp := replace $rebootCSS.Content "!important" "" }}