How get goat ascii diagrams for org-mode

I would like to know what would have to be done to get the goat diagram for code blocks into org-mode files (go-org) working.
Warm regards, Robert

I suspect you would have to port this template into a shortcode:

Option 2: Export that Org post to Markdown using an Org exporter that contains this static site generator’s name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (you can have a mix of Hugo content in manually written Org mode, Markdown and exported Markdown).

Thanks for your quick replay!
Dear @kaushalmodi I value ox-hugo and it was my first choice until I realized that I dont like to check in the exported md and did not like to run the emacs on the web server.
Dear @bep, I followed your advice and had success:

<div class="goat svg-container">
  {{ with diagrams.Goat .Inner }}
    <svg xmlns=""
         font-family="Menlo,Lucida Console,monospace"
         viewBox="0 0 {{ .Width }} {{ .Height }}"
      {{ .Inner }}
  {{ end }}

and an

#+begin_export html
{{% goat %}}
   |   |
    / \
   /   \
{{% /goat %}}

This worked out, Thanks!

What I would like to try is using svgbob instead of goat. I know, I would have to call an external program and would give it a file what would make sense in a multilingual context either way. Do you have an example for me for this kind of interaction?
So thank you very much,
warm regards, Robert

Well, that’s what matters! You have a bunch of options available and you use the one that works the best for you. :smiley: