How does render-image.rss.xml work?

I want to use the new Markdown render hooks for images, specifically for my RSS as all my image links for posts using page bundling are broken.

Here are the docs:

I see render-image.rss.xml namechecked here- which was very exciting because it looks like it provides exactly what I need without needing to go back through years of posts and apply a figure shortcode, but cannot find any other information on how to actually use this in my theme. I’ve also tried to search for this string on GitHub with zero helpful results.

I made the file and put it as described in the docs, with this in the layout:

<img src="{{ .Destination | safeURL }}" alt="do I work?" {{ with .Title }} title="{{ . }}" {{ end }} />

It looks like others are hoping for more help on this topic too:

And I do not see the alt text showing up in the RSS feed. What am I missing?

I think you’d need to create an rss output format for individual pages for that to work.