How do you keep your content organized on your computer?

Do you put the date in the content filename (and use the title for the URL)? Do you use a typical filename and just sort your content or section folder by Date Created? What’s a good way to make a content directory orderly for many posts and content types to come?

For my blog i use the following folder structure (it’s pretty straightforward)

└── blog
    └── year
         └── month

@alexandros I also take that approach.

In addition, my static/img folder has a similar setup, matching the post folders.

So, if I need to find images relating to a specific post, I can find them based on the publish date of the post they are in very easily.

Actually my images folder structure is like this /static/images/:year/:month

Since my blog is visual I have no need for a matching post folder, the monthly one suits me fine.

how do you render your urls? with /blog/year/month/post/ ? or with a permalink to a different configuration? And when you reference your graphics in your content, I imagine you do something like ![](images/2017/07/pic.png) ?

Yes this is what I do. Although I may customize the slug sometimes via frontmatter.

That is how I call an image although I rarely use the markdown img syntax, since it doesn’t cover my needs.