How do you actually ACTUALLY put up videos on your

Basically title, there seems to be alot of ways of doing this, no real working way though.

ive tried shortcodes but that quickly got complicated fast

i tried to enable html in the files but that doesnt work, the video just doesnt show up on the website.


<video src="a.mp4" controls></video>


See Hugo : create a shortcode for local videos |

fastest reply ever

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shortcode: template for shortcode "video" not found 
``i cannot stop getting this error

See the installation process: Hugo : create a shortcode for local videos |

what? is this a bot?

When posting code, data, configs, etc. on this forum, please place the code in a fenced code block, e.g.,

<div class="example">foo</div>

Or use the </> button in the menu. I’ve corrected your initial post.

If you want to mix raw HTML with your markdown, include this in your site configuration:


unsafe = true

It’s not unsafe if you control the content.