How do I update the theme

I use Jane theme, and I am trying to make the theme RTL.
What it the tag I should add to the _post.scss to make it RTL? It is:
When I change the _Post.scss file, I do not see it in the website, including “margin or padding” change.
To see the modification, what should I need to enter when rendering?
Hugo server, and something else? or just hugo server?

What are you doing to compile scss to css? From what I can see, the jane theme doesn’t use hugo pipes, so you’ll need to compile the scss yourself.

Thank you for your answer.
How can I compile the scss myself?
Do you maybe have a tutorial for that?

Thank you.

The main doc set is probably where to start. It’s not a small topic.

You can compile it in various ways, such as using gulp or some GUI app like Codekit on Mac.

But frankly, it’s probably easiest to actually figure out how to use hugo pipes from the first, since it does the work for you. That means, figuring out how to adapt the theme or working w/ the theme author to upgrade it to use Hugo Pipes.

Ok thank you.
How do I find other templates that use hugo pipes?

Well here’s the documentation for using Hugo Pipes to compile SCSS, and here’s an example of a theme using Hugo Pipes

However, over on the jane theme github, I noticed someone else asking almost exactly the same question as you.

Following the link there may get you started on how to compile the SCSS…

Looking at the theme you have 2 options either you create a custom css file and add it to the dev-config.toml in the customCSS array to override it or you can edit the head partial and add the hugo sass pipe to have hugo compile the sass files instead of node.

Fair warning you might have to delete or comment out the default styles in the head if you opt for using hugo to compile the sass for you it might also cause issues with node but I don’t think it will break anything.

Good luck.