Changes in SCSS not compiled / published

I have a new ‘brew install’ of hugo v0.110.0+extended on a Mac Pro, and cloned the Ed theme into my new site.

The exampleSite comes up just fine, but I wanted to change the default font that’s defined in: themes/ed/assets/sass/style.scss:8.

I run ‘hugo’. The font change doesn’t flow through to either of:


… although these do get a new modified-date.

These files are re-created from somewhere if I delete them, but with the original content. Where does that come from?

The source is only found under the theme/ folder, but not in any of:

… which seems odd.

Running the server with:

hugo server -w --noHTTPCache --disableFastRender -v --log
… shows the unchanged styles, and doesn’t report page fetches - should it?


I followed these instructions to install the theme as a Hugo module:

Then I copied style.scss to assets/sass/style.scss, and changed the font values.

No problems.

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Eh. Thanks Joe!
That wasn’t obvious from the documentation, either Hugo’s or the theme’s.

I am making great progress now :relieved:

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