How do I add gifs to posts in hugo?

I have .gif file that I want to display in my hugo post. How can I do that?

Thank you.

@nikivi The same way you would with any image, right? Are you talking about using it in a content file or do you want to include it in the front matter? Point me to a repo and I’ll explain more.

Here is my blog repo.

Yeah I think I figured it out as I can use it like a normal markdown embedded link, however I am not sure how to store it locally and whether I should?

Also what do I need to add to .gitignore to hide my config.toml?

Keep in mind that whatever you put in static/ is copied over directly as is, so for example, you can put a gif at static/images/my-gif.gif and then call it out as follows in your content file…

## My Markdown Content

![Alt text for my gif](/images/my-gif.gif)