How come when I start local server, files get changed automatically?

So, using JuiceBar theme. For example, one of the pages it has is “Blogs.” Well, in the index.html file of it, I changed that to “Past Blogs” then saved the file. Ok, great. But then when I start the server, changes I made get reset/reverted as soon as the server starts so, in this example, “Past Blogs” got changed/reset back to “Blogs.”

I suggest that you start reading some tutorials on how Hugo works first. There’s no point in jumping right in and doing whatever – that just creates frustration.
Get a basic grip on how Hugo works, what the role of templates is and what list and single page stand for.

Dear 4e5rhwrt,

You just posted three questions and I have the impression you are digging too fast and deep into that Hugo stuff.

I would recommend to spend some time in the basics. Like other static site generators Hugo has some conceptional stuff you should be aware of.

Here’s a starter list of links which I would recommend to read through:

and ofc this one providing a lot of useful references and statements