¿How can i range certain taxonomy only if this taxonomy contains one element?

Hi, i have this doubt, i want to make mi blog post list to show a link to an author taxonomy i created, but when the author taxonomy has more tan one element then i can’t make it to connecto to te list template, I was tryring to range the taxonomy but when the articles don’t have more than one taxonomy it does not show.

If you’re putting your authors in as an array in your front matter, you can still range through them even if there is only a single value…

If you look at the examples in the front matter docs you will see that the tags are an array, meaning they hold more than one value.

So make all your authors front matter an array, even if there is only one author. Then your templates will work the same regardless of one or more authors assigned to a piece of content.

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Yes, thanks, I fixed, I did not used the range function… newbie error.