Range and index

hi i created a authors taxonomy where i add name and pictures in my blog with cards design on for listing all articles. If i have 2 authors i add two name’s authors but picture of first author only.
i search one best solution . because i call same range after for others informations. i wish call this range only one upon time for best performance or best practice :wink:
i use this code pour create this situation :

my code :)

{{ define “main” }}

{{ range .Pages }}
    <!-- top image carte -->
        <img src="{{with .Params.featured_image}}{{.}}{{else}}{{ .Site.Params.featured_image }}{{end}}" alt=""
            class="object-fill w-full h-40">
    <div class=" m-2 text-justify text-sm ">

        <div class="flex flex-wrap items-center -mt-8 pb-3 ">
            <img class="block h-8 w-8 rounded-full bg-white mt-1 mr-2 ml-3 border-2 border-white "
                src='{{ range first 1 .Params.authors }}
                {{with $.Site.GetPage "taxonomyTerm" (printf "authors/%s" (urlize .)) }}{{ with   .Params.photo }}{{ . }}{{ else }}{{ .Site.Params.authorimage }}{{ end }}{{ end }}{{ end }}'
                alt="image de l'auteur">
            {{ range .Params.authors }}
            {{with $.Site.GetPage "taxonomyTerm" (printf "authors/%s" (urlize .)) }}
            <a href='{{ .Permalink }}'><span
                    class="block text-lg font-bold text-white">{{ with .Params.name }}{{ . }}{{else}}{{ .Site.Params.author }}{{end}}{{ end }}{{ end }}</span></a>

        <div class=" ">
            <p class=" text-right -mt-4 text-xs"> <i class=" mr-1 far fa-calendar-alt"></i>

                <!-- date en Fr via data/mois.yaml merci https://www.christopheducamp.com/ ;) -->
                <time class="post-date dt-published"
                    datetime='{{ .Date.Format "2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:00" | safeHTML }}'>{{ .Date.Day }}
                    {{ index $.Site.Data.mois (printf "%d" .Date.Month) }} {{ .Date.Year }}</time> </p>

            <p class=" text-right  text-xs"> <i class=" mr-1 fas fa-clock"></i>
                {{.ReadingTime }} minutes
            <h2 class=" font-bold mb-1 text-center"> <a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a> </h2>

            <p class=" h-32 md:h-40 text-xs p-3"> {{ with .Params.description }}
                {{ . }}
                {{ else }}
                {{ .Summary }}
                {{ end }}


    <a href="{{ .Permalink }}">
        <div class=" absolute bottom-0 w-full py-2   text-center bg-blue-500 hover:bg-blue-900 text-white  ">

</div> {{ end }} {{ end }}

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