How can I make images clickable so I can zoom them to full screen?

I’ve been going crazy trying to find some way to make images clickable so I can zoom in on them. I’m using the PaperMod theme. I also found this repo but I can’t get it to work. I think it’s too old.

Is there a way I can make my images clickable so I can zoom in on them?

You could write markdown that links to the full resolution image. e.g.

[![Alternative Text](/path/of/image.jpg)](/path/to/image.jpg)
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You can also use some external JS script, like the one mentioned in this thread, but there are several others as well.

Not sure if you missed the reply to your comment on the PaperMod theme on GitHub. If you did, you might want to view

Apparently your answer here and and in the issue on github both came in over night :slight_smile:

The solution there was fantastic and I went with that. Thank you!

You should also have a look at hugo-shortcode-gallery - Demo

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I already looked at that repo and it doesn’t work, sadly. Another person suggested a solution involving medium-zoom and that is working wonderfully.

Sorry to hear that. This script helped me to get started

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