Responsive images from markdown

I see a lot of responsive image tips for Hugo, but all of them seem to require a shortcode or similar to be invoked.

Is there a way to process all the images in the “Content” section of the markdown file?

I got as far as to use page bundles - but how to get the images processed and the normal markdown image tags (which there can be many in an .md file) ![](image-pointing-to-bundle-folder.jpg) to be expanded to responsive images?

I’m new to Hugo, so I may have missed something.

Please take a look at the last topic before your question…

It may refer to here? Issues processing images from bundles

But I’m not referencing the images in the front matter - I don’t have direct pointers to the images. The images are living in the content section of the markdown, and the markdown itself would have to be parsed to see what’s in there (and process the images after looking “inside”).

  1. Markdown render hooks | Hugo
  2. Link and image render hooks - Veriphor
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Great, thank you. I suspect this is what I needed.

BTW, Hugo is just great. I was using something else earlier.

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