How can I get the author from the permalink to use as a variable?

Going one step further than the answer here and using the function below to list a specific authors’ posts on an author’s bio page:

[taxonomies] author = "authors"

/content/authors/arthur-conan-doyle/ contains:
author: "Arthur Conan Doyle

{{ $author := site.GetPage “authors/arthur-conan-doyle” }}
{{ range first 6 (where $author.Pages “.Type” “posts” ) }}
{{ .Title | truncate 50 }}
{{- end }}

How can I dynamically get the author name from the permalink and use it something like authors/$current_author so that I can include the function above on any author template page without having to hardcode the author (i.e. “arthur-conan-doyle”) in template files?

Pull it from front matter, like you do with .Title - so the author name is set in the front-matter.

Your alternative is to get cute with string parsing on the url. . . but there are multiple potential problems with that - this is what front-matter is for.

That’s a good idea, as {{ }} already works to get the dynamic page title from /content/authors/my-author/`.

But how would I pull the author into a page listing function? Using $author := obviously doesn’t work:

{{ $author := }}
	{{ range first 6 (where $author.Pages ".Type" "posts" ) }}
        <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title | truncate 50 }}</a>
 {{- end }}

You’re almost there. . .

Remember when you get the author name this is a title, it’s not actually the collection of pages you want to range through.

{{ $authorPage := site.GetPage "authors/arthur-conan-doyle" }}
{{ $authorName := $ }}
{{ range first 6 (where $authorPage.Pages ".Type" "posts" ) }}
       <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title | truncate 50 }}</a>
{{- end }}

Ah, I see. But "site.GetPage "authors/arthur-conan-doyle" is still the problem; I want the function to not require a hardcoded author slug like authors/arthur-conan-doyle. Can $authorPage be generated from

Or, I could add each author slug as a Params in each, but that defeats the purpose.

Do I understand correctly that this is for a sidebar on something like an article/blog page? And the sidebar should list other articles by the same author?

Check out the docs here for something very similar:

This example assumes your content page has front-matter field “author”, which going by your example would be set to “arthur-conan-doyle”

    {{ $taxo := "authors" }}
    {{ $authorName := }}
    {{ $authorPage := $.Site.GetPage (printf "/%s/%s" $taxo $authorName) -}}
    {{ range first 6 (where $authorPage.Pages ".Type" "posts" ) }}
        <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title | truncate 50 }}</a>
    {{- end -}}

All of that being said, the .GetPage construction is relatively brittle, I would maybe look into using .GetTerms with a where clause to get at the taxonomy term data you want. It’s documented here: and

This way will allow you to use have “Arthur Conan Doyle” in the content page’s author field, and on the /authors/arthur-content-doyle/ page also have author field “Arthur Conan Doyle”, so this same author field is what serves as the link or common identifier between the pages.

{{ $authorName := }}
{{ range where (.GetTerms "authors") "author" $authorName }}

Warning: I’ve not actually run this, so you’re going to have to adapt to work with your setup. I’m assuming the taxonomy page has a front-matter field “author” that contains the author name.

This is for an author’s bio page, not a sidebar or single, using the structure /content/authors/arthur-conan-doyle/ and /layouts/author/lists.html. Your example doesn’t return anything; I’ll keep digging or use a Params for the slug.

do you mean that you’re on the author’s taxonomy page /content/authors/arthur-conan-doyle/ and you just want to list all the pages belonging to that taxonomy term (the author, in this case)?

if this is the case we’ve massively been over-complicating things - just use the standard taxonomy list template.

So in /layouts/author/lists.html:

<h1>{{ .Title }}</h1>
{{ range first 6 (where .Pages ".Type" "posts" ) }}
    <a href="{{ .RelPermalink }}">{{ .Title | truncate 50 }}</a>
{{ end }}

In this case .Title is whatever the page title is - which is likely to be your author name.

Thanks! And yes, we were overthinking it, and the answer to my original question here is more complex than need be.

Your version
{{ range first 6 (where .Pages ".Type" "posts" ) }}
works on /layouts/author/lists.html.

And for use in a sidebar, this works:
{{ range first 6 (where .Site.RegularPages ".Type" "posts" ) }}

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