How can I get hashtags eg "#sometag" in content to show up as taxonomy?

Problem I am trying to solve

I want to be able to type markdown in my content and add a #some-hashtag inline as I type, which would link this page of content under the tags taxonomy list pages, as opposed to having to manually jump to the top of my document and add a tag in the front matter. Any help would be really appreciated. I have ADHD, and having to stop my though process to jump to the top of the document usually means I forget what I was typing and I am not in the moment any more. Thanks.

Description of problem

In Markdown content

I am a #hashtag

Should generate a link without having to manually use ref or relref. My best guess is some kind of custom _default render thing.

<p>I am a <a href="...tags/hashtag">#hashtag</a></p>

This is not possible. The only way to associate a content page with a term is via front matter.

I use Visual Studio Code with extension “Front Matter” by Elio Struyf. It’s possible to configure front-matter fields via JSON files; besides or instead of default ones. They are displayed on the side of the editor area. When I select a tag or enter a new one (or other fm) the editor does not jump to the top.

EDIT: But I don’t want to hide the fact that it took me some time to figure out how to configure what and where.