How can I add the name of a category or a tag to the body tag?

How can I add the name of a category or a tag to the body tag? I’d like to do some specific CSS on single posts and taxonomy pages.

Right now, in base.html, I use

<body class="{{ .Type }} {{ with .File }}{{ .TranslationBaseName }}{{ end }}">

which gives me

<body class="posts test-post-copy-2">

on single posts and either

<body class="categories">
<body class="tags">

on those taxonomy list pages.

How can I add the actual category or tag name to the body tag? I.e., for single posts, how can I show

<body class="posts my-category-name test-post-copy-2">
<body class="posts my-tag-name test-post-copy-2">

and on taxonomy list pages show

<body class="categories my-category-name">
<body class="tags my-tag-name">

<body class="{{ .Type }} {{ .Title }} or similar.

For listing the tags in single pages you could adapt the example at into a variable and split as needed for your classes.

Thanks, that makes sense; from that link I found that

{{ range (.GetTerms “tags”) }}{{ lower .LinkTitle }} {{ end }}
{{ range (.GetTerms “categories”) }}{{ lower .LinkTitle }}{{ end }}

outputs the tags and categories.

One problem is that I have many terms that are two words; is there a way to loop through the terms and replace the space in between the two words of each term with a dash?

That works:

{{ range (.GetTerms “tags”) }}{{ urlize .LinkTitle }} {{ end }}

The .Title isn’t much use for the body tag unless it is only used for taxonomy archives:

{{ if eq .Kind “taxonomy” }}{{ urlize .Title }}{{ end }}">

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