Add template name to body class

I am trying to add class names to the body. I can’t figure out how to print the template name. For example, if the page uses layouts > _default > single.html, I’d like it to return <body class="single">. Is there an easy way of returning the template name?

I’ve tried this already…

<body class='Type-is-{{ .Type }} Kind-is-{{ .Kind }} Section-is-{{ .Section }}'>

…which returns…

<body class="Type-is-posts Kind-is-page Section-is-posts">

Why don’t you simply include the body class you need in the respective template?

Otherwise a check like the following should do:

<body class='{{ if .IsPage }}single{{ else }}list{{ end }}'>

In Hugo a Page refers to static pages (e.g. /about/) and other content permalink pages (e.g. blog posts)
The above use the template under /_default/single.html

Everything else in Hugo is considered a Node (e.g. index, section lists etc) and the template under /_default/list.html is used (unless you have configured additional templates for index, taxonomies etc).

Thanks @alexandros for responding and clearing that up. I wasn’t sure if I was missing something more.