How can I access content frontmatter variables from the index page?

Content in a specific section (“batches”) all have specific frontmatter data (“stock”), like this:

date: "2016-01-27T01:00:00"
title: "Red and white"
    stock: "~2"


In the index.html template, I have this loop:

          {{ range .Data.Pages }}
          {{ if eq "batches" .Type }}
              <p>Stock level: <strong>{{ THIS_IS_WHAT_I_DONT_KNOW }}</strong></p>
          {{ end }}
          {{ end }}

My question is what must go into that THIS_IS_WHAT_I_DONT_KNOW so that I can get the value of the stock variable?

I hate how the answer becomes clear the minute after you ask it… :blush:

This is the answer that works for me:

              <p>-{{ .Params.batch.stock }}-</p>